Homicide Hunter

Episode Guide Series 4

Brandin Penza

A popular army vet is found bleeding to death on the cold asphalt of a shadowy parking lot -- his chest littered with too many knife wounds to count. Kenda’s case is stuck in first gear until a gruesome clue leads his team to an unlikely killer whose motive for murder is as heartless as it is confounding.

William Larmore

A young father-to-be is shot dead in broad daylight by a single bullet fired from afar. At the crime scene, Kenda recognizes the hallmark of a skilled sniper. But with zero evidence at his disposal, he will need to rely on shoe leather detective work to root out the murderous marksman before he strikes again.

Verne Cave / Donald Corbett

Kenda encounters one of the most horrendous crime scenes of his career, but his hunt for a homicidal maniac leads him to the most unexpected of killers. Then… A young soldier dies from a bullet to the neck from an apparent suicide, but an inconspicuous powder burn spins the case in a whole new direction.

Mary Moebus / Leonard Watson

A seemingly random attack leaves Mary Moebus dead, and police flummoxed by a daunting field of suspects. But when Lt Joe Kenda uncovers a cache of new evidence, he realizes someone’s been lying. Then… A cryptic note leads Kenda to a luxurious bachelor pad with a bedroom soaked in blood and a closet full of deadly secrets.  

Luis Matos and Colleen Johnson

Neighbours are stunned when close friends Luis Matos and Colleen Johnson are gunned down in cold blood for no apparent reason. After a vexing series of false leads, the case kicks into high gear when Lt Joe Kenda locates a panic-stricken eyewitness who played an unwitting role in the bloodbath.

Dianne Lindsey

In the dead of night, a shooter on a rampage rips through a home, leaving a grandmother disfigured, her 24 year old daughter dead, and a two year-old child  clinging to life.  Investigators pursue a convoluted trail that ultimately puts Lt. Joe Kenda face to face with a cold-blooded killer.

Don Garcia

A 4th of July house party erupts in violence.  A young man tries to flee the scene, but is shot dead behind the wheel of his car. To crack the case, Lt. Joe Kenda must sort through a mountain of suspects, until a peculiar clue puts him hot on the heels of a self-styled gangster with revenge on his mind. 

Gary Davis

A frenzied ambush at a hamburger stand leaves a 16-year old boy dead. Lt. Joe Kenda must cut through a mountain of rumor and innuendo in order to zero in on his prime suspect.  But before he can catch the killer, a surprise witness comes forward and blows the case wide open. 

Renwick Pope/ Aimee Vandenhoff

A train conductor discovers a decapitated body on the tracks.  To solve the case Lt. Joe Kenda must listen to a voice from beyond the grave.  Then... a sleeping bag in a basement contains the body of a teenage girl. To find her killer, Kenda must expose a family’s darkest secret. 

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