The Brighton Trunk Murders

The Trial

10 May 1927
Trunk containing the body of a dismembered woman found at Charing Cross Railway Station

23 May 1927
John Robinson charged with murder

12 August 1927
Robinson hanged at Pentonville Prison

17 June 1934
Trunk containing arms and a torso found at Brighton Railway Station

18 June 1934
Trunk containing two limbs found at Kings Cross Railway Station

15 July 1934
Violet Kaye’s body found at Mancini’s lodgings 52 Kemp Street, Brighton

17 July 1934
Mancini charged with the murder of Violet Kaye

10 December 1934
Mancini’s trial begins at Lewes Assizes

14 December 1934
Mancini found not guilty

Mancini publicly confessed to Kaye’s murder